SPICY STREET FOOD Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia!! BEST MUD Crabs, BBQ Ribs, and PAINFUL Spice!

Street Food – Chinese Street Food -BREAKFAST Street food in China
We’re traveling through China to eat and try the BEST Chinese street food and travelled to Dali, Yunnan, China, eating and trying delicious street food along the way. In this Chinese street food tour VLOG, we traveled to Dali in search of the best street food around the world. We woke up bright and early to eat at a local Yunnanese halal breakfast stall and tasted some of the most deliciousand flavourful sticky rice noodles in the world. Then we made our way to a classic morning breakfast market to taste a couple unique Chinese street food specialties, and then made our way to an ancient, traditional street food area in the new city of Dali to try some more street food snacks.

The BEST thing we got to try on the street was a classic Dai style feast. You will want to try all of these delicious Chinese minority street foods! It was all laid out on a banana leaf and there were so many selections to choose from, right there on the street. Along the way, we chatted with local people and discovered a lot of new street foods that you must try if you visit China. If you come to DEEP markets and street food areas like this, you can find tons of stuff to eat and take photos of as well, and most of the locals are really friendly!

Chinese street food is so diverse and there are so many hundreds of street foods to try, so we are on a mission to taste all of the best street foods around the world, and in this tea horse road street food series, we made our way from Sichuan to Yunnan in search of delicious food.
courtesy: youtube(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiAq_SU0ED1C6vWFMnw8Ekg)

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