New Audi A8 2018 review – the most high-tech car ever?

This is the all-new Audi A8. The fourth generation of Audi’s luxury limousine could be one of the most technologically advanced cars ever produced – so I put its gadgets to the test in this first drive review. Find out what it’s like to drive, what it’s like to be driven in, and how well […]

2015 Audi Q3 Review

The new Audi Q3 is a compact crossover that joins the brand’s larger Q5 and Q7 models. From the signature grille to its “coupe-like” profile everything screams pure Audi, but is it? Subscribe (Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)

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Easy 6 Strand Braid Tutorial

Love to wear a 6 Strand Braid but have to beg a friend to do it for you? Our all new series, TressTalk has ample of step-by-step hair tutorials which are super quick and easy. This tutorial shows you how you can get it right with a convenient technique within a minute. All you need […]

How To Rock A Sock Bun | TressTalk

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How To: Curl Hair With A Flat Iron

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